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Where Is The Podcast? The Future Of No-Cartridge Beckons…

Gamer Fidelis,

In the last month or so we, the  mischievous and inquisitive Machine Elves of No-Cartridge, have taken upon ourselves a task:  to unite the worlds of and into a single, powerful entity. Hopefully this should make accessing Trev’s powerful content a smoother ride for you, the reader. Why, perhaps some day we’ll have more Trevs – more than you could ever imagine, or possibly hope to stop.

The end product of this will be a website that unifies the written content that began with VideoDrone blog and the popular No-Cartridge Audio podcast that preceeded it, hopefully extending both far into the future. You won’t have to visit two domains to get a dose of gaming Bolshevism anymore, and that is good. As we speak, the powerful No-Cartridge Mother is mushing No-Cartridge Machine Elves to shuffle all the old podcasts into the new WordPress site at an unprecedented rate. I do not expect to survive, but you will be able to commune with Trev as never before, and so my sacrifice will be honored by our many supporters – if you want to sanctify my annihilation, please visit the Patreon or PayPal tip site.

What will change? Not much – there’s going to be a new RSS feed for the podcast, but many elves laid down their lives to ensure you can keep using the old link anyway. The old Podcast Generator site lives on for now at, but we’re aiming to ensure you can just go to the blog and get the podcasts without any effort. iTunes and Stitcher links will live on where the machine elves will not.

I must go now… but when you game… you will find me…

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