On the Eagles, Drafted Before the Game

By the time this posts, the Eagles will have won or lost the Super Bowl.

This is a deeply weird thing for me to post, because my whole life has been about the Eagles losing the Super Bowl. And of course, it might still be! But there’s a sense of potentiality right now that I’ve never really experienced. Even in 2004, where my fandom was a bit less mature than it is now, and dampened a bit by my starting college the year before. I remember being furious and just completely hopeless about the loss, but it passed quick and wasn’t nearly as devastating as the NFCCG loss in 2008 or the just total collapse of the Chip Kelly era.

But this isn’t meant to be a litany of woes, despite that being an Eagles thing. It’s more to say something before I get online and totally denounce it as nonsense, but to force it to post at a moment where the impulse may not be at the forefront of my mind. And here it is: this team is absolutely worth celebrating even if they fuck up tonight. Even if the Patriots pull their magic, even if every pundit and jackass online has their way and Tom Brady ushers in yet another miracle to add to the footnotes of his next Herbalife knock-off autobiography. If the Patriots beat the Eagles tonight — and hell, they might — this Eagles team is better than the Patriots. They’re better as role models, as people, and as a cohesive unit.

And I don’t mean that to take away from people on the Pats who may be genuinely good people. For all I know, Bill Belichick is going to retire and become a vigilante for classwar. I dunno. But the Patriots’ corporate culture, their incessant clamoring on about their system, and their “Not Done,” and their pristene steel edifice that suggests a Q4 estimate sheet as much as a football team is absolutely toxic. I’m proud to be rooting for the team that stood up for victims of police abuse, that is donating their paychecks, that openly comes together under a banner of “We’re a family.”

I know they’ll win, in my heart, but if they don’t, it doesn’t really matter. I’m proud that the team I’m rooting for is in contrast to the smooth corporate image that so many entities are encouraging. And I don’t really care if it’s an illusion — it totally is an illusion; the Eagles make a lot of money too — because it’s a necessary reminder of the humanity that makes up entities. If we lose that humanity, in football, in videogames, in our social structures, we’re absolutely done for. So no, the team doesn’t fail if it loses. It’s already won, and it’s about to win more.

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