Episode 64: Live Debate w/ Matt Christman and Virgil Texas at The Bell House

Finally, the long awaited audio from our live show at The Bell House in Brooklyn, NY! Virgil Texas and Matt Christman of Chapo Trap House face off in a formal debate to the death to determine the very fate of videogames, with special and unexpected guests!

Posters of the show are available at ncdebate.com for 10 dollars plus shipping. Thanks to Jon White of American Scraps for the brilliant design.

Matt Christman on twitter: @cushbomb
Virgil Texas on twitter:@virgiltexas
Chapo Trap House on twitter:@chapotraphouse
Bell House, Brooklyn on twitter:@BellHouseNY
Trevor Strunk on Twitter: @hegelbon
No Cartridge Intern on Twitter: @NoCartridge

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